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You must verify that it is valid in Russia and that it meets the requirements established by the Consulate. The Schengen countries, Israel, Ireland and Chinese nationality passport holders of Hong Kong and Macau should provide a medical insurance policy valid within the entire period of stay in Russian Federation or the guarantee written by the organization which confirms the cover of all the medical expenses of the applicant during the entire period in Russian Federation. You must submit original or copy of medical insurance policy document, valid in the territory of the Russian Federation and covering the entire duration of the visa.

In some countries it is obligatory to provide the original insurance a copy is not valid. A good and cheap option that meets all these requirements is the Russian company Cherehapa. You can buy and download the Policy directly online. Travel insurance — Cherehapa.

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Russian Visa application form. The application should include your personal information, the purpose of your visit tourism, business, study, etc.

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The application form for UK, USA, Canadian, Australian and Georgian nationals when printed out should be in two pages, for all other nationalities — in one page. Below I show you how to fill out the form for an Canadian citizen long form and for an Estonian citizen short form. When you go to fill out the form for the first time, you should select your country for example, Canada and the language you would like to continue in. Also mark in the box that you have read the introductory information. Next, click Complete new application form. Choose a password to be able to recover the form later for example: ma If you have any problem to retrieve a completed form, you can fill in a new form.

In the section that says Visit details , you should include the following information from your visa support that I mentioned earlier:. Lastly, select the place where you will be processing your visa application. You can select any Consulate or Russian Visa Center in your area:. Once you have finished entering all of the information, a summary will appear in case you would like to change something. If all of the information looks correct, click the Save button:. Simply click on the A4 Print button:. When you go to fill out the form for the first time, you should select your country for example, Estonia and the language you would like to continue in.

The photo should be an original photo 3,5 x 4,5 cm that is recent, in color, from the front, against a white background, and without glasses with tinted lenses or hats. Detailed instructions:. Now you have all the required documents: passport, invitation, travel insurance and completed form signed and with a photo.

The final step is to take everything to the Consulate or to the Russian Visa Center that is nearest your place or residence. You can submit documents at the nearest consular establishment of the Russian Federation in your country by prior appointment only.

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Appointments have to be booked online. For example, in Estonia:.

You can submit documents to one of the Russian visa application centres. You can request a previous appointment, although it is not obligatory.

  1. Step by step guide to get your Russian visa (in an easy way).
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  5. In many Russian Visa Centers you can apply by mail. When your application is registered, you will be issued a receipt for the fees you have paid. In order to collect your passport with your visa you will need to present the original receipt given to you during the submission. If you wish to nominate somebody to collect the passport on your behalf, they must carry the original receipt.

    Processing times vary from application to application and are at the sole discretion of the Russian Consulate in your country. Processing times under normal circumstances are as follows although these may be different in each country :. The final result of the whole process is your passport with your visa attached to one of the pages. Check the validity of the visa issued to ensure that it covers the period of stay requested, the number or entries required, and that it is valid for the purpose of trip immediately after collection of the passport.

    The Embassy of the Russian Federation accept resubmission of passports for correction on the day of the passport collection only.

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    Once you already have a visa you should bear in mind that there are two additional steps that must be done once you get to Russia: the immigration card and visa registration. The first thing is usually completed by the customs officer and the second the hotel where you will stay. It is important to always carry both the passport and the immigration card while traveling, and the accreditation of the registry in case it may be required from you on the street by the police it is rare for them to do so, though. Once you enter the territory of the Russian Federation, you must fill out the immigration card , though in practice, at large airports, it is usually the immigration service which takes care of it either digitally or manually.

    It is done during passport control. The immigration card is a paper which consists of two equal parts that are the size of a passport page. One of the parts is kept by the border police and the second will be delivered to you. It is important that you keep this card as they will ask it to you when you leave the country. In addition, you will also need the immigration card to register the visa, as I explain in the next section.

    In the following screenshot you can see how the immigration card looks, which usually comes in Russian and English:. Immigration card in Russia. If you have applied for a tourist visa, you have the obligation to register within the first 7 working days of arrival excluding weekends and holidays.

    Before March , the registration must be done within 72 hours, but the new Russian law modified this term. If you are going to stay in Russia less than 7 working days, then you do not need to register. The purpose of this registry which comes from the communist era is to notify immigration authorities of the place where you will stay while you are in Russia.

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    The registration must be done in each of the cities that you are going to visit. You will need to fill out another registration form. If you are staying in a hotel, when you arrive, the hotel itself will register your visa. They will ask you the passport with the visa and immigration card the one you get at the border when you arrive to the country.

    You may be charged a small fee for this procedure. The accreditation registration is not required to leave the country, though the immigration card is required. In the following screenshot you can see how this form looks. The tourist stays with the bottom part from the dotted line :. Registration in Russia.

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    Invitation to Russia Should I indicate nights on the train in the application for an invitation letter or Russian visa? Russian visa invitation. What is it and how to get it in 5 minutes? How do I get the invitation to Russia if I travel on a cruise ship? Can I modify my invitation to Russia if it contains some incorrect information?

    Registration and immigration Registration in Russia: What it is and how it is done Russian airports: Immigration card and customs formalities 1. Transport 2. Arriving by plane How to go from Pulkovo Airport to St.