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Having issues with slow growing plants, insect attacks, thin plants, hydric stress, abortion of flowers, and more? It's a holistic approach that reduces behavioural problems and leads to better responses during therapy.

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It's also safe during pregnancy as it won't hurt the developing baby. Read more. One reader asked if beer could be turned into a remedy and then enjoyed as a less expensive potentised drink. Here's a tongue-in-cheek answer with good and bad news. This research concluded that homeopathy is effective for allergic rhinitis, especially in reducing the number of sneezes and episodes.

The remedies most helpful are listed. Agrohomeopathy for Your Plants. Remedies for Herpes Zoster.

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Benefits of Potentisation. Arthritis and Rheumatism. Drugs and Remedies - Together or Not? Monument for Homeopathy. Is Aconite the Remedy for You? Remedy: Aesculus Aesc. Researching Homeopathy. Fibromyalgia and Homeopathy.

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Remedies for Arthritis. It's suitable for use with all animals, including dogs, cats, horses and birds.

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For years, Rescue Remedy for Pets has been recommended by veterinarians for animals worldwide as an emergency remedy to help calm pets in all kinds of stressful situations. Terms and Ingredient Definitions. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. For Swanson brand items, the MSRP is calculated based on a varying percentage above the product's base price.

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You may want to ask yourself, do you want support in your life? And, have you considered the importance of being heard with compassion? If you would like a new level of support I suggest a flower essence therapy session. There is much you can gain from flower essence therapy. Please contact me directly to receive this discount, I can be reached at or by e-mail: flowerremedy gmail.

This is a very special oil, the recipe was passed down to me from my teacher. I was told that I was not allowed to sell this oil but I can give it away. This is the first time I am offering this to the public. The oil contains African Sandalwood and potent gem essences and it was charged for a full moon cycle using special directions. I have been using this oil with great success.

Simply apply a small amount to a chakra you feel is blocked, massaging it into the skin in a clockwise direction. I am excited to introduce: ElementalGarden Remedies.

Bach Flower Remedies for Depression: Mustard & Gentian

The flower essenes in this collection were made in Mt. Shasta, France, Hawaii and California. They cover a wide range and have many useful applications, below is a list of some customer favorites from the collection. Money Plant This essence has a few functions: one of the most notable is its effect on self esteem, it works to build and foster feelings of worthiness. This is the first step towards realizing abundance and success, feeling worthy of it.

This essence helps us to feel and know our worth, which is also helpful with stopping self destructive habits. The second is a perceptual shift towards money, it helps to shift our awareness about money and how we use it in our life. One of the ways it does this is by helping us to realize that we can experience happiness.

That it is not related to how much or how little money we have. Another way it helps to foster prosperity is by changing the way we identify with money. Money is an energy represented by dollar bills and coins. When we get stuck limiting our believes to only dollar bills and coins this essence helps to remind us that money is universal energy and universal energy is always available.

The multi faceted way this essence works is builds self esteem and feelings of worthiness. It helps us to re-connect with money on an energetic level as well as physical.

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It also helps us shift any negative believes we have about money. Helping us have a more relaxed, positive and enjoyable relationship with money. Purchase Money Plant Flower Essence. Before you call in your abundance with Money Plant, clear out your negativity, low vibrations and negative feelings with Ti Plant Flower Essence. It restores integrity to positive train of thought. It also offers protection from obsessive thoughts and carries more light into the body.

Ti strengthens our willpower. This plant was brought to Hawaii by the Polynesian settlers hundreds of years ago. Purchase Ti Plant Flower Essence. Apple flower essence. This is a new and exciting flower essence from the island of Kauai. It has been in research for the past 3 years and I am happy to start offering this to the public. It works in a toriodal fashion, there is a flow of energy that comes down through the center and out the bottom.

EXPANDED Podcast Ep. 24 • Alexis Smart

The essence of Mountain Apple is great to use during any times of change, transformation and cleansing. It helps keep a fresh flow of energy moving through your field. Clears patterns and imprints from the energy field, cleansing limiting imprints from the past. Helps us move forward into new rolls and states of being that we choose and that are not imposed. A very useful essence for helping to break free from old influences, clears debris from the energy field that anchor one to ways that are in cross purpose with the direction we want life to go.

Purchase Mountain Apple Flower Essence. There have been a lot of changes in my life and a lot of changes here at Essence Alchemy. Making a a Personal Flower Essence Formula is easy, add the option to your shopping cart. Then type your essence selection into the space provide, checkout, pay and your bottle will be shipped to you promptly. Click here to get started. The Your Personal Bottle option allows you to design a formula with up to 7 different remedies.

This hand tailored approach is a great way to get the combination of remedies you want.